If you are addicted to horses, welcome!

If you want to learn everything you can about horses, welcome!

If you believe that horses can help us to recognise our true value and reach our full potential, welcome!

I first became aware of the power of horses to change human behaviour in 1976, when I was working with teenage girls in a care home Manchester. Part of my job involved taking the girls on outings so, of course, I took them to the local stables.

Some of the girls learned to ride, but other only tagged along to hang out with the cute boys. They soon discovered however, that the only was to be around the boys in a busy yard was to get stuck into the work with them.

They learned to clean stables and groom horses while the rest of us went riding.

Before long, other members of staff began to notice a difference in the girls; behaviour after they’d been with the horses.

There was much less confrontation and more conversation. Everything was generally calmer and more open.

Fast forward 40 years and I am now one half of the human team at Horses Connect.  I’m happily fulfiling my four equal passions – horses, people, teaching and learning – and getting a huge buzz from sharing the many benefits of being with horses.

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