Hello, beautiful soul.


My name is Eileen, and I am addicted to helping!eileenbennett, mariekomdo, mindset declutter

If you’re reading this, I am confident that you are one of the world’s natural-born helpers too.

The desire to lift other people higher is hard-wired into our DNA.

We simply can’t stop ourselves!

It has taken me a lifetime to learn that I can’t help anyone unless I look after myself first.

Trying to pour from an empty cup leaves everyone frustrated and unhappy!

I created The Empowerment Effect as a roadmap for myself and I am really enjoying sharing it with the world.

There will always be plenty of quality, free and valuable self-directed resources available for you in the private group and on my website if you like the D.I.Y. option.

However, if you prefer a more personal experience, The Empowerment Effect Exclusive might be for you.

In The Empowerment Effect Exclusive, I work with a small number of select individuals on a one-to-one basis, for 12 weeks.

I am very protective of my own time and energy and have created a clear picture of my ideal working relationship.

At the very least, you need to have liberated yourself from the blame, shame, and guilt of your story. If you are still stuck in that pattern, you are not yet ready for me. I do not host or attend pity parties!

Ideally, you will already have an understanding of the 9 Steps of The Empowerment Effect, because that will form the basis of our work together.

The maximum coaching contract is 12 weeks, because I am conscious of the importance of setting people free to try out their own wings as soon as possible.

If I have worked with you once, you can always come back whenever you feel the need for extra support.


In order to ensure that I use my time as well as possible, there are certain boxes to tick if you would like to apply for the personal coaching experience of The Empowerment Effect Exclusive.

If this resonates with you, I would be delighted to consider accepting you as an Empowerment Effect Exclusive client.

You’ll find prices, details of the application process, and payment options below.



12 weeks of one-to-one personal coaching as above.

Limited spaces available.


If this feels right, contact me to begin the process.       eileen@eileenbennett.com

You will receive a questionnaire that will help me to determine if we are going to be a good fit for each other.

If I genuinely feel that you will benefit from The Empowerment Effect Exclusive, we will set up a time for a chat.

If, after our chat, we’re both happy to continue, we then sort out the ‘housekeeping’ – payment options, times and days for weekly coaching sessions, and any other necessary details.

I will never try to sell you anything or push you into agreeing to a coaching relationship.

Mutual trust and respect must be the foundation of all our dealings with each other.

And the adventure begins!

Contact me to begin the process. eileen@eileenbennett.com