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The FREE D.I.Y. version of The Empowerment Effect 101 is available here

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The Empowerment Effect Foundation Course is a self-directed in-depth guide through the 9 Steps.

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The Empowerment Effect Exclusive Personal Coaching Program is a 12-week, private, one-to-one guide through the steps.

I work with a limited number of select people, for 12 weeks.

If you can tick most of these boxes, I’d be happy to send you an Application Form.

  • You have read and are ready to embrace the 9 Steps of The Empowerment Effect.
  • You have moved beyond blame, shame, or guilt for your current situation.
  • You feel drawn to help others in a real and sustainable way.
  • You are mindful of and respect your own boundaries.
  • You value honesty, integrity, kindness, and truth.
  • You are willing to make loving yourself first a priority.
  • You are ready to put in the work (often challenging, but always kind) to transform yourself from the inside out.
  • You are committed to making the world a better place by continuously deepening your knowledge of your true value and full potential.

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