7 Steps to ANY Goal

If where you are now is not where you want to be, it’s time to plan a little trip!

  • WANT

The most important aspect of wanting to BEDO or HAVE anything different in your life is to be crystal clear about where you want to end up.

This exercise is not a magical mystery tour. You need a very definite endpoint in mind.

Think about where you are now in the 3 core aspects of your life – health, wealth and happiness.

  • Health is about the wellbeing of your WHOLE self – not just your physical body.
  • Wealth is much more than money.
  • Happiness measures how comfortable you feel in the world and in your own skin.


Eileen Bennett


Many of us have been raised to believed that it’s somehow impolite to WANT.

Add spirituality into the mix and WANT almost becomes a dirty word!

It’s time shake off old conditioning and limiting beliefs and clearly state what you want from life

You may need to suspend your rational mind for a while and let your imagination have some fun!

What do you want to be experiencing every day in terms of your Health, Wealth and Happiness?

What is your ideal picture for your life?

Be like a Spice Girl and tell the Universe what you WANT, what you really, really WANT!


Eileen Bennett


Do a little time travelling and project yourself into the future.

You now have everything you WANT!

  • What does that mean?
  • What does it look and feel like?
  • How is it affecting your Health, Wealth and Happiness?

Make of list of all the great OUTCOMES that come with achieving your WANT.

Eileen Bennett


What could stop you from getting from where you are now to where you WANT to BE, what you WANT to DO and what you WANT to HAVE?

What limiting beliefs, old patterns of behavior, or outdated thinking could block you?

What blockages, objections or excuses are you putting in your own way?

What OBSTACLES could affect your OUTCOMES and prevent or delay you from getting what you WANT?

Write them all down. Be brutally honest.


Eileen Bennett


Think about tough times you’ve experienced. You obviously survived.

What inner strengths helped you?

What skills, experiences or qualifications were you able to call on?

What aspects of your personality got you through?

Where is your Natural Genius –the things that come easy to you?

Get your PASSION down on paper to balance your OBSTACLES and help you visualize your OUTCOMES so you can move closer to what you WANT!

Don’t be shy!

Eileen Bennett


Now it’s time for ACTION!

What can you do today to move you closer to your goal?

Baby steps are still steps!

Write yourself a plan!

Do something every day to take ACTION, so you can live your PASSION, overcome the OBSTACLES, enjoy the OUTCOMES when you can Be, Do and Have what you WANT.

Eileen Bennett


It’s party time!

This is the bit so many of us leave out, but it is vital to acknowledge what we have achieved and to give ourselves a big old pat on the back!

How are you going to celebrate your SUCCESS now that you have taken ACTION, lived your PASSION, slayed your OBSTACLES, enjoyed your OUTCOMES and you now attained what you WANT to Be, Do or Have?

It doesn’t have to involve a marching band, dancing girls and a parade – unless that what you want! –but it does have to be a treat!

Eileen Bennett


Make an unbreakable promise to yourself.

Promise to SUPPORT yourself in every way as you enjoy SUCCESS and live your PASSION, whenever you encounter OBSTACLES on your way to the OUTCOMES that you know you really WANT

Write down 5 ways you can offer yourself SUPPORT. Who, what or where could help?

Treat this solemn promise to yourself the same way you would treat a promise to a child.

Don’t make it, unless you intend to keep it!

Now, all you have to do is REPEAT The W.O.O.P.A.S.S! Process© for your next goal

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The W.O.O.P.A.S.S! Process – 7 Steps to ANY Goal