Nobody gets from the beginning to the end of their time of earth without making an impact on some level – no matter how long or short that time.

There are lessons to be learned from that impact.

Every life adds something to our multi-dimensional and colourful world.

Every single one of us makes a contribution: big or small, positive or negative, empowering or discouraging. Some lives enhance the people they encounter or the world at large, and others have the opposite effect.

The purpose of Write a Life is to capture those lessons while we still can. It’s too late when life has ended to record the story of that life in the storyteller’s unique voice.

It’s a lovely thought – writing the life story of someone’s life in their own words – but too often the thought is as far as anyone gets. Maybe we make a start, but there seems to be too much information, too many confusing or irrelevant details, tangents, side stories, outside influences and other factors that make the task seem impossible to complete.

The vital message, and the key to Write a Life, is

‘Don’t get it right. Get it written.’

This Starter Program provides you with a blueprint to lay the foundations of the primary story. – your own, or someone else’s’. It will reveal many different parts of that story for you to explore, but the focus is always on extracting only the details that are relevant to the theme you’re working on.