The Empowerment Effect Explained

The Empowerment Effect is a lifelong process of becoming the best possible version of the unique creation that is YOU, with the added intention of guiding others to do the same as we all live, learn, grow and transform from the inside out.

The Empowerment Effect is a lifelong process of becoming the best possible version of the unique creation that is YOU, with the added intention of guiding others to do the same as we all live, learn, grow and transform from the inside out.

What would our world be like if every person recognised that they have the potential to make a positive difference simply by being the best possible version of themselves?

What if each one of us was determined to make life better for even one other person, creating a ripple effect of transformation and empowerment?

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The Empowerment Effect is a 9-step personal growth process focused on building an ever-expanding community of people reaching their full potential and helping others do the same.

Our overarching mantra is ‘The Empowerment Effect starts with ME’ because sustainable change must come from the inside out.

We work on ourselves first in order to become stronger and more able to inspire and support others along their road of self-discovery, if we so choose.

Imagine that you’re standing on the bank of a fast-flowing river, longing to be on the other side. The river represents life – always moving and changing.

The other side is where you can be, do and have all you want. You – in all your amazing, unique and wonderful you-ness – belong on the other side. On the other side, you are living your best life and you have the ability to guide and support others as they make their way across that river.

The Empowerment Effect provides you with 9 Steps to help you safely cross your river. These 9 Steps have been designed to support you as you begin to recognise your true value and reach for your full potential. Each Step has its own Mantra to help keep you focused.

Think of them as stepping stones to bring you across that river. Like all stepping stones, some will be bigger than others, some will be more stable, some will be harder to reach, but all lead to where you want to go.

Or maybe you’d prefer to imagine the rungs of a ladder that will bring you to a higher level?

Whatever image works for you, the 9 Steps to living your best life so you can help others live theirs are:

  1. Start where you are
  2. Create your vision
  3. Acknowledge the gaps
  4. Find your strengths
  5. Ignite your Passion
  6. Love yourself first
  7. Take Baby Steps
  8. Keep on keeping on
  9. Share the love

You will find some of these steps easier than others.

That’s normal.

Some will take longer to complete than others.

That’s normal too.

This is your personal adventure, so it won’t be the same as mine or anyone else’s’.

And that’s normal!

You simply cannot get this wrong – as long as you keep going!

There’s an old Irish tradition called Meitheal (Meh-hill) that still alive today. In rural areas, local people come together to help each other to save hay or bring home turf or complete whatever seasonal work is happening.

The Empower Effect is a bit like a Meitheal. We share our time, skills, experience, or whatever we can offer to help each other.No alt text provided for this image

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ but it’s not entirely true. The rising tide only lifts the boats that can be lifted. When the tide is out all the boats are sitting on the sand. As the tide starts to come in, the boats that are broken or waterlogged or leaking are not equal to those that are watertight.

Everyone deserves the opportunity and support to reach their full potential. As we heal, grow, and learn is our responsibility to help those also want to heal, grow, and learn.

The Empowerment Effect is about making sure that all boats can rise.



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‘Imagine’ is a magic word!

‘Imagine’ is a magic word!

It opens up all sorts of possibilities and encourages us to broaden our minds and allow our thoughts to roam free.

It encourages us to look in all directions and dimensions.

We can imagine what life will be like in five, ten, twenty years time.

We can imagine how it feels to be that bird in the tree, or that cow in the field.

We can imagine flying to the moon and visiting the stars.

And we can imagine what it must be like to experience a different life.

In fact, we can imagine just about anything – there are no limits.

Every material thing around you now – the clothes you’re wearing, the chair you’re sitting on, the screen you’re reading – was first imagined by somebody.

It began as a thought, an idea for something that did not already exist, and then it became real.

Imagination is the breeding ground of the future. EILEEN BENNETT, MARIE KONDO, MINDSET, DECLUTTER

We can remember what is over and done with.

We can see the here and now

But we can only imagine what is yet to be.

What a gift!

Use it well!

Imagination is the breeding ground of the future.

Obstacles vs Outcomes

How often do we get stuck focused on the Obstacles in our path to a goal?

  • We know where we want to go.
  • We know what steps we need to take to get there.
  • Maybe we even create a plan!
  • We feel positive and motivated and energised.
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all the Obstacles are activated.

They invade our thoughts.

They impair our actions.

They grow and multiply and cripple us.

They overwhelm us.

They fool us into believing that our goal is impossible.
It’s not worth the effort and the hassle.
We’ll be better off abandoning the idea and staying small.

What Happened?

Our focus shifted from the Outcome to the Obstacles.

Outcomes are the delicious results of our efforts to reach our goals

When the going gets tough, and the Obstacles jump up and down and scream for your attention, keep imagining your Outcomes.

The more you do this, the quieter the Obstacles become.

Doors begin to open where you only saw walls.

Pick your goal and try it out!.

Live on Full Beam!

My mantra for most of my life was ‘Blessed are those who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.’

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I expected nothing and that’s exactly what I got!

Sometimes, life was very good to me and surprised me with wonderful blessings in spite of my neutral attitude.

Most of the time, I coasted along, making do, getting by and surrounded by mediocrity.

Everything was alright.

But very little was WONDERFUL

I was going through life on my parking lights.

Very occasionally, I might self-consciously switch on my headlights for a short time. But I’d quickly turn them off again for fear of drawing attention to myself. For fear of shining a light on my inadequacies.

It felt safer if I couldn’t be seen, but that also meant that I could not clearly see my way forward.

It took a lifetime for me to dare to turn on my full beams!

Now that I’ve changed my perspective, I see so many amazing people playing small.

Is this you?

  • You’re afraid to make awesome plans or set big goals.

  • You wish they could do this, that or the other but are scared to move towards making it happen.

  • You KNOW in your heart and soul that  there is more your can  Be, Do and Have but don’t know where or how to start.

The sad fact is, until you step up and face that fear you simply can’t progress.

Yes, it’s risky to even admit that you want more from your life, your finances, your relationships.

Yes, it takes courage to put your hand up and admit ‘This is not enough for me’ – whatever ‘this’ means to you.

But, as soon as you find the courage to do that ….

As soon as you lift your eyes, raise your hopes and shift your perspective



I’ve been in the ‘Expect Less so I can’t be Disappointed’ Club!

I know all the ‘reasons’ – aka excuses – a person can use to justify staying there.

I’ve probably even invented a few of them!

But, I also know that life doesn’t have to suck all the time.

But, I also know that life doesn’t have to suck all the time.

Of course, shit happens and you have to deal with it.

Of course, really BAD things happen to really, really GOOD people every single day.

Of course, the world is in a big hot mess right now on so many levels.

But the shit and the bad stuff and the mess do not have to define us – unless we choose to allow it that privilege.

Here’s a little tip to get you started.

Lift your breastbone.

That’s it!

The place where your ribs meet in the middle, imagine that gently floating upwards.

As soon as you lift your breastbone, you drop your shoulders drop and your spine and neck lengthen.

Your whole posture improves.

Your perspective changes.

You can look life – or any challenging situation – right in the eye and say…

‘I am here.

I am me.

And I am worthy of better!’

Imagine that your nipples are on FULL BEAM and shine your unique and beautiful light!

Fake it til you make it if you must – but give it a go.

What have you got to lose?

eileen bennett, marie kondo, declutter, mindset