Many years ago, when our children were quite young, my husband was a smoker. self-worth

No matter how tight money was, he needed (and got) his cigarettes every day. It was a non-negotiable, accepted fact that feeding his habit was a priority. And nobody thought it was weird, or selfish.

Apart from the health implications, nobody mentioned what his tobacco addiction cost the family because it was embraced as part of who he was.

self-worthJust like insisting on decent toilet paper is part of who I am!

The amazing thing is, that our budget always stretched to accommodate the cigarettes (and the good toilet paper).

Thankfully, he doesn’t smoke anymore but it got me thinking about what is non-negotiable in my life – besides good quality toilet paper.

Where will I not compromise?

Or, more importantly, where am I settling for less?

Try it for yourself.

Your weekly groceries can be very revealing!

Is there even one item on your shopping list that is non-negotiable?

Do you prioritise yourself even once a week?

What’s the worst that could happen if you gave yourself permission to splash out and buy the nice coffee, or the good chocolate, or the soft toilet paper?

Life is one big experiment.