Making the World a Better Place

June 5, 2024 Eileen 0Comment

Recently, I have experienced a great deal of growth, learning, and un-learning .

The biggest shift has been the deep realisation that change really is an inside job.

I already knew this on an intellectual level, but needed to fully embody and embrace it.

Nobody else can feel the wind in my face.

Nobody else can process my emotions.

Nobody else can live my life the way I live my life.

This is both liberating and terrifying for all of us.

It’s liberating because it means that we have total autonomy over our own decisions, behaviours, attitudes, and thoughts.

It’s terrifying because that autonomy comes with personal responsibility for our own decisions, behaviours, attitudes, and thoughts.

There is nobody to blame.

The choice to live as though the world is a dangerous and frightening place, or – in spite of outer circumstances – a nurturing and loving place, belongs to each individual.

It’s easy – and perfectly understandable – to opt for the fear-based perspective, but it keeps us stuck in a vicious circle of fear.

By looking inside ourselves, connecting to all that is good in us, and interacting with the world from that energy, we can collectively raise the vibration of the those around us.

We can make the world a kinder, more inclusive, and gentler place simply by living as the best possible version of ourselves.

Give yourself a moment and tune into what’s wonderful about the unique creation you are.

What gifts do you bring to the world?

You don’t need to find the cure for cancer or invent the next internet.

Are you a good listener?

Do you make amazing Sunday dinners?

Can you sense when people are upset?

Do animals feel comfortable in your presence?

Are you patient, reliable, or honest?

Every single one of the 8billion+ individuals on this earth is here with a unique combination of gifts.

And you are no different.

Name and celebrate your gifts so that you can share that beautiful energy with the rest of us.

Now, more than ever before, we all desperately need each other’s goodness.

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