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You have done what many people have great intentions about doing, but never succeed.

You have finished what many people start but abandon when it gets difficult.

You have achieved what sits on so many bucket lists until it’s too late to achieve.

You have preserved the basic facts and feelings that underpin a unique life.

You have written a Life Story and, hopefully, shared it with the people who matter.

You have two choices now.

You can sit back and relax because you’ve done your bit – and that is a perfectly acceptable choice.

If that is the case, thank you for taking on the Write a Life Starter Program. I hope you enjoyed the process and are proud of the results.

Or, you can decide that you would like to do more to give the world a better, more complete, picture of the life you’re preserving

  • quirks and idiosyncrasies of personality
  • sense of humour
  • joys and sorrows
  • strengths and wisdom
  • unique perspective
  • inimitable characteristics.

Once again, there are two options within this choice.

You can simply keep on asking ‘Why?’ or saying ‘Tell me more.’ until there is no more to tell.

Or, you can join the Write a Life Private Club and get exclusive insights and personalised help for as long as you need.

For €30 a month, you will get weekly writing tips to keep you motivated and on track. You will also have access to a community of writers willing to share their insights and experiences.

For more information – or to discuss private coaching

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